Bleached Maple Bed Frame

As a woodworker, few things have been more satisfying than crafting my own bed frame. To feel something strong and grounded underneath me as I wake each morning is the foundation I need to start my day off right. This year I plan to make a number of furniture pieces that share equal aspects of artistry and craftsmanship, and this is the first of the bunch.

Constructed from solid hard-maple, this frame is exceptionally sturdy, constructed with traditional mortise and tenon joinery at the head and foot board. Bolt-in knock down joinery on the side rails makes for easy disassembly when it comes time to move. Lots of subtle details add up to a grand effect. Foremost, the maple is bleached, giving a light, almost paper like appearance, and the headboard is exhaustively carved, giving the frame a human touch where it’s noticed the most. The posts are tapered, and the headboard arches back ever so slightly for comfort while sitting up in bed.

While I made this bed frame for my home, it’ll act as the template by which I make other bed frames like it in the future, and I plan to borrow aesthetic details from it to make other pieces of furniture next.


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