Evolution of The Northwest Block

The Northwest End-Grain Butcher Block is Deoria Made's longest standing design, and its staying power symbolizes what we're all about: enduring designs; enduring goods.  It came about as an amalgamation of many of our earliest cutting board designs. Over the years we've played with and changed characteristics such as the wood sourced, aesthetic proportions, and processes, but its foundation has always stayed the same. Today we dig into the archives and show some of those iterations that have led to what The Northwest Block is today.

custom end grain butcher block handmade in portland oregon by kyle dauria maple walnut

A custom commission, this end-grain butcher block was the first design that sewed the seeds of what has become The Northwest Block.

the original northwest block end grain butcher block cutting board

After that first commission was the vision for this first stock offering. For this version walnut, maple, and oak were used, all sourced from the east coast of the United States. 

the northwest end grain butcher block cutting board local pacific northwest hardwoods

Next, the switch to all local materials sourced here in the Pacific Northwest! Salvaged claro walnut (sometimes english when available), FSC certified big-leaf maple, and Oregon white oak. This particular batch of walnut was quite expressive and wholly unique! 

northwest end grain butcher block cutting board with repairing dots

Here local materials are still used, but you can see the variance from tree to tree. For example the maple in this version is much redder than the last. Also, "repairing dots" were employed.  At the time much of our sourced walnut resulted in many natural imperfections, and in an effort to salvage the material in the spirit of wabi-sabieach was bored out, and filled with cylindrical wooden inlay. 

custom sized end grain butcher block cutting board with juice groove

A custom extra-large sized Northwest Block with juice groove upon request. Pictured here prior to pre-conditioning.

best kitchen cutting board butcher blocks handmade in portland oregon

And that leads us to where we are today. We're still using local Pacific Northwest claro walnut and Oregon white oak, but have made the switch back to east coast hard maple for its light color and hardness. Repairing dots have been replaced with an entirely new processing of our walnut, resulting in imperfection-free surface, where from afar the walnut looks quite abstract, but up close you can see hundreds of chevron and zig-zag patterns. 

wood wooden end grain butcher block handmade pacific northwest
portland oregon america usa american made end grain butcher block cutting board