Deoria Made is Now Kyle D'Auria

Have you heard the news? What was once called Deoria Made is now simply Kyle D'Auria. Confused? Don't be! It's always been me (Kyle!) here behind the scenes at Deoria Made anyways, and the name change is just one of several steps I've taken in the past year to ensure I'm representing myself in my art and woodworking. 

For years I was honing Deoria Made very specifically into a handmade wooden kitchen goods company, mostly making heirloom quality butcher blocks and cutting boards. That narrow focus began to be limiting. From a business perspective I realized I ought to expand the business to include other skills I have, like furniture making for example, and from an artistic perspective I realized I have a lot more to express through my woodworking than just items of utility. As such I've expanded my scope, and have made room for my business to include all those things moving forward - all of me, Kyle, art, craft and everything in between.