New Lower Priced End-Grain Butcher Blocks

We're always looking for ways to reach more customers like you

And in an effort to do so, we're now selling all of our end-grain butcher blocks direct to consumer only. They won't be sold at our stockists, instead being sold only direct to you here at, in person at our workshop here in SE Portland, and at craft fairs across the west coast. Direct to consumer sales means we remove a step from our studio to your kitchen, which keeps costs down, reducing the price of our end-grain butcher blocks as much as $150! All of our other goods, including cheese boards, bread boards, and edge-grain cutting boards will still be available through our stockists

extra large end grain butcher block cutting board oregon claro walnut
the northwest end grain butcher block cutting board portland oregon claro walnut maple white oak

End-grain butcher blocks are, after all, our flagship cutting board. They're the first cutting boards ever made at Deoria Made, and in our opinion the be-all-end-all for chefs and home cooks. We've made this change to reach more people like you, so that you too can feel how good it is to cut on a Deoria Made surface; one that when cared for, will care for you right back!